Monday, March 10, 2014

The Short+Sweet Theatre was founded by Mark Cleary in January 2002 at the Newtown Theatre (now King Street Theatre) in Sydney, Australia. Now the largest ten-minute theatre festival in the world, 180 new plays are being produced every season. Festivals are currently held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Regional NSW, Canberra and Townsville in Australia, as well as Singapore, Malaysia, India and Auckland. Short+Sweet Theatre currently receives around 1500 script entries from writers across the world annually.
For Short+Sweet Sydney 2014, having performed “Good Girls” in Short+Sweet Penang and KL the previous year, finishing with multiple awards from the former event, Tronoh Theater Shop brings the play to Sydney, Australia, to compete amongst Australian talents. The play is directed by Dr. Shamsul Rahman B M Kutty, written and performed by Haris Hazizan. Other performers include Hajar binti Mohamad Razip as Lisa and Syuhada Ali as The Woman.  We entered the eight week of the Wildcards rounds as special guests from Malaysia.
“Good Girls” tells the story of Lisa, a young girl who was sold into an abusive marriage to a rich man by her parents due to their debts. At one point in the marriage, Lisa found out that her husband was cheating on her. Anger consumed her and she result in taking the lives of her husband and his lover.  Whilst trying to get rid of the evidence, hallucinating, she gets into a conversation with her dead victims. All this was delivered in a very Malaysian depiction, costumes ranging from Tudong, Batik and Baju Kurung but the uniqueness was received well by the audience and the line-up of all-star judges. Great acting and directing finally places the play second in the Judge’s Choice for Wildcards Week Eight, another wonderful achievement for Tronoh Theater Shop.

Photo 1: Official promotional poster for "Good Girls".

Photo 2: King Street Theatre : venue for Short+Sweet Sydney 2014. 

Photo 3: Poster hung in the hallways leading to the theater hall. 

Photo 4: Cast of "Good Girls": (from left) Syuhada Ali, Hajar Razip, and Haris Hazizan. 

Photo 5: "Good Girls" in performance. 

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