Wednesday, July 9, 2008

[Lut as Pak Cik in Asylum 50]


Make : Human (homosapiens)
Model : Lutfi bin Othman
Codename : Lut
Date of man. : 31st December 1984
Origin : Sg. Petani, Kedah
Status : NA
Function : Mechanical engineer
Interests : Bass guitars, scientific concepts, acting
Contact num. : (upon request)

Emails : (YM) (Gtalk)

Certification : Bachelor (Hons) Mechanical Enginnering (UTP 2007)
Website :
Fav. movies : P. Ramlee movies, Disney movies, movies with brilliant plots and great characters
Fav. TV/film characters : Gregory House (Hugh Laurie in House M.D. TV series), Blade (Wesley Snipes in Blade 2 movie), The Joker (Heath Ledger in Batman – The Dark Knight)


Body : Thin
Skin : Dark
Posture : mcm org tua da..
Gesture : Humour driven
Stamina : Medium
Flexibility : Medium
Energy : Medium-high
Strengths : Naturality, element of surprise, script add
Weaknesses : Element of surprise, script add, voice projection, invariable character suitability
Best character: Old person (pakcik, lebai, etc)

Overall : A humour driven character. Loves to make the play lively. Tendency to make jokes, surprises and additional script. Can ruin the play if these attributes were applied with an unprepared partner or at the wrongs scenes. Due to tendency of making joking faces (even during serious scenes), characters suitable for this person do not vary much.

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