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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


"Egg Story"

The story revolved around a group of animals; a mother hen, a dog, a crow and a cow, when they found an egg that fell from the sky. Thinking that the egg is God sent, the animals worked together to hatch the egg. They were taken by surprise when a human was born from the egg. Even though the crow was against it, they decided to raise the human with their limited talent and skills. The human boy was then sent off to learn more about life but the crow managed to influence the boy. The story ends with the human betraying the animal’s kindness.


“Asylum” is a comedy about a group of mental patients from Psychotic Theatre Unit that are trying to perform a theatre show in conjunction with the opening of a new psychiatric hospital, the National Psychotic Institute. This theatre depicts how they strive in practicing the upcoming performance, which stages a story of human life that is carried away with worldly pleasures such as corruption, greedy leaders, drug addiction, political parties’ disagreement, inhumanity, and others. It also depicts current issues in which will bring an irreversible aftermath if not prevented. National Psychotic Institute is also recruiting new members.

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